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RASA life science informatics is a leading institute in Pune, India that offers Bioinformatics online courses, Similarly Known as Computational Biology.RASA life science informatics is a leading institute in Pune, India that offers Bioinformatics online courses, which is also known as Computational Biology. Rasa provides bioinformatics courses such as Bioinformatics summer courses, Research courses, Corporate Training programs, Onsite workshops, industrial internships, Bioinformatics Workshops

The Bioinformatics Online Course India incorporates both theoretical and practical sessions, utilizing a variety of tools and resources. Furthermore program involves the application of computational techniques to analyze information associated with DNA, RNA, and protein on a large scale. Bioinformatics has emerged as a discipline in molecular biology, covering a wide range of areas such as structural biology, genomics, and gene expression studies. By enrolling in the best Bioinformatics course institute in Pune, such as RASA, students can make a successful career in this field. RASA has a reputation for providing high-quality Bioinformatics training courses, and has trained over 1000 students. Moreover, RASA also offers services in Bioinformatics, NGS data analysis, drug discovery, and docking studies.our Bioinformatics summer courses are offered to undergraduate students as a part of their curriculum.

Topics To Be Covered In our bioinformatics course Institute

Literature mining

Firstly Literature mining by utilizing various biological databases like NCBI, EMBL, PDB, UniProt, KEGG etc

Bioinformatics training Database

Secondly Understanding Sequence alignment by using alignment tools such as BLAST, FASTA, CLUSTAL

phylogenetic tree

Then Introduction to Phylogenetics and phylogenetic tree construction, Phylogenetic analysis using MEGA

Understanding Primer designing and Gene Prediction

After that Understanding Primer designing and Gene Prediction


Perl and Bioperl in Bioinformatics Training Courses

Learning PERL and its biological application through BIOPERL



Learn Bioinformatics gene-p

Finally Performing Protein Modeling by Modeller, Phyre2, SWISS MODEL etc and protein visualization using various software’s like Rasmol, Swiss PDB Viewer etc


Advanced Computational Biology Course

Learn how to apply Bioinformatics knowledge in yours field of
research just like experts
Get trained from expert practitioners, not just trainers.


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Benefits of Computational Biology Course

Latest knowledge of industry and life science field

Practical oriented hands-on training

Quality training with small batches, personal attention

Bioinformatics Course Certificate

Research paper Publication

Guest lectures by industry personnel & scientists

Live Project

HR Sessions

100% Job Assistance

Outcome Of Bioinformatics Course?

After successful completion of Computational biology course, you not only become capable of independently handle complicated research questions by applying your life science informatics knowledge but you can plan, conceptualize and execute your own research ideas in or related to life science informatics.To state it simply, you will become expert in the life science informatics domain.

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Learn from Experts
Learn from Experts

AT RASA we do not have trainers but industry leaders and experts who share their rich experience and knowledge with you.

Training & Assignments
Training &

Practical and hands-on training  delivery from advanced curriculum designed according to research industry need.Challenging Assignments to help learn better.

Certificate &

Industry recognized Training certificate to boost your career.Chance for a research/Review paper publication in peer reviewed journals.

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Why you would love RASA

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Comprehensive practical training
  • Interactive doubt sessions
  • Free backup classes
  • Industrial case-studies
  • Group & individual assignments
  • Feedback 9/10
  • Free query support post-training

Our Different Bioinformatics Courses

NGS Data Analysis Training course
Summer Training
Research Training in life science informatics in India
Research Training
Research Internship Program
Research Internship Program
bioinformatics internship
Industrial Internship Program
Dissertation program in Pune,India
Dissertation Program
Bioinformatics Industrial Training
Industrial Training
Students trained
Rating given by trainees
What you gain?
  • Prepares them for a professional career
  • Gives them professional level skills in Bioinformatics course.
  • It can help students to gain their self-confidence and discover their own ability
  • A chance to learn bioinformatics skills which may not be a part of university curriculum.
Working Professionals
  • Upgrade the bioinformatics skill set based on the requirement of the job
  • This will aid in better growth in job and career
  • Keep updated with the current trends in the bioinformatics industry
  • Diversify the knowledge
  • Learn additional bioinformatics skills needed for the research work they are currently doing.
  • Understand the current trends in the bioinformatics
  • Apply the bioinformatics skills gained in the research they will conduct.
  • Improve their research skills
  • Understand the functioning of Life science industry
  • Develop a multidisciplinary approach to life science.
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