1. To Start in any course/project students should pay full fees of the course/project in advance.
  2. In case of installments, Students can get registered by paying 50% of the fees at the time of registration, 40% on the 1st day of joining and remaining 10% has to be paid within 15 days from the commencement of the batch, for any training/project.
  3. Students who fail to pay their fees on time will be charged Rs 100/day as a late fee charge. Validity period of 15 days will be applicable in case of late fees, during this time ,training sessions will be on hold.
  4. Fees are non-refundable and non transferable in any case.
  5. If a candidate does not appear for the class till after 3 months of registration, his/her registration will be cancelled and a formal mail will be sent to the candidate. After Registration 3 reminder mails will be sent to the candidates after 15 days of interval, if no response received, registration will be terminated immediately.
  6. Project will be started only after receiving full fees.
  7. Students are not allowed to attend the classes without identity card and will be fined for Rs 100/ day.
  8. Students can bring their laptop.If RASA’s system is allotted to student for lab session practice,then time table will be allotted to the students for use of the system and students must take prior permission from management for extra lab session practice.
  9. If any software installed without management permission in that case management will charge fine of 500/- Rs for each software. Any damage or loss of company’s property or assets by student will be charged accordingly
  10. Students can avail the facility of books available at the library, (for maximum of 8 days/book). Students must take prior permission from management for extra days else will be charged Rs 100/- per day.
  11. All the study material and project material belongs to RASA Life Science Informatics, before sharing it with others students must take permission from the management. If students are writing code or developing products for RASA, the IPR belongs to RASA only. Whosoever breaches this will be liable for legal proceedings
  12. The project/course will be strictly according to RASA Methodology, if the student has to follow his own methodology he has to inform the entire details to the management, seek permission for the same, and if the management approves it the fees will be charged as per expenses on the methodology.
  13. All social networking sites, porn sites, chatting, and downloading and watching music, videos or movies are prohibited. If student found guilty then their admission will be cancelled.



  1. Students must be on time for their training.
  2. For leaves, students must inform their respective trainer (s) one day before, through mail. If student fails to do so, then there will be no backlog class for that day.
  3. Students will be given back log classes only in case of medical emergency that too they need to provide medial certificates for their leave(s).
  4. If students are taking break or leaves during their training or project time, then, their module time would not increase.
  5. All students must fill their attendance record daily; if fail, then it would be considered as absent.
  6. Students have to submit the assigned task (training /paper) on time for which they will be given grades accordingly. If task are not submitted then the training will be suspended till the task(s) is submitted.
  7. For placement assistance:
  8. It is mandatory to maintain 75% attendance for all students.
  9. Students must maintain an average ‘A2’ grade throughout their training period.
  10. Project completion is must, along with paper writing.
  11. Students must attend all the HR sessions and mock interviews.
  12. Students must perform well in their interview with HR (Ms. Rima) and CSO (Mr. Sameer )



  1. Students interested in projects should separately get their name registered.
  2. Projects included in training are all predefined and tested by RASA Scientific team. Maximum 5 leaves are allowed in the project duration.
  3. Once project title is assigned to students, discussion on project will be scheduled each Friday.
  4. All the needed assistance would be provided to the students in order for them to complete the project.
  5. It is expected that the students complete the project in the stipulated time period. No extension will be given. If the student fails to do so, no certificates will be provided. Extension on the project will be provided only in special circumstances. Management has the authority to do so.
  6. Students should maintain a schedule plan of their project in the excel sheet.
  7. After completion of the Project, the certificate will be only issued when student submit their assignments and project hard copy to RASA.
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