Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any Training Material?

Yes, we do provide training material but that would be the soft copies and not the hard copies.

What are the criteria to gain certified status?

The training program includes evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs.

What is the eligibility required to do these courses?

Eligibility of RASA’s bioinformatics program can be undertaken by the people who have completed or pursuing their BSc/ Btech and MSc/ Mtech in areas of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, genetics ,Bioinformatics, computational biology and other life science domain courses. For this bioinformatics course people having B Pharmacy , M Pharmacy, PhD, Post-doctorate and extensive research experience in the above mentioned areas are also eligible.

I could not understand some of the topics well. Will I get training on those subjects again? If yes will there be a charge for that?

Yes, you can the training again in the upcoming batches if could not understand any topic. There will be no charge for it.

I have missed some of my classes? How can I cover the part of training I have missed? Will there be a charge for it?

You can attend the classes that you have missed in any of the upcoming batches for no extra charge. However, you need to inform this on time for us to reserve a seat for in the training sessions.

Do you provide placements?

Yes! We provide 100% Job assistance. We also have HR Sessions for CV making, soft skill development and Mock interviews. We make sure our students are placed in interested sector and well paid positions.

Is there a job guarantee?

We can provide you with 100% job assistance but it is up to you how you perform in the interviews.

Do you have any Placements department or a portal? How do I connect to the concerned people?

Yes, we have a placement department. To connect to the concerned person you are given the details in the very first class after you join RASA

Can I take a demo before registering for the program?

Definitely,We conduct a free demo class

How many courses can I enroll for at a time?

There is no limit on the number of courses that you can enroll in. You can enroll for any number of courses at a time.

Can I get to see a demo of the course?

Yes, you can take a demo of the course before enrolling for the course.

Whom should I contact during non-office hours?

Please send us an email with your query at for any queries related to the course.

Where should I contact if I need assistance for some courses?

You can contact at +917276010408 from Monday to Friday between 9.30 am – 6.30 pm. You can also e-mail us at and we would revert to the queries within two working days. Enrolled users can write their queries or concerns at

How can I register for the course?

To get registered for the course you need to fill the application form and submit all relevant documents. You can fill the form in both the ways online or by physically visit the company

Can I pursue the courses anytime?

Although we provide you classes in very flexible timings from morning till the evening, weekdays and weekend for your convenience however there will be timing for your class according to your suitability.

Is the fee refundable?

No, the fee is not refundable and nontransferable in any case.

How much are the taxes?

The tax is 18% G.S.T.

What are the methods of payment?

You can pay online with a credit card, debit card, net banking or EMI option. You can also pay by Cash on Delivery method for most of our courses.

What kind of authorship will I be awarded in this publication ?

Student will be given  co-authorship in the publication with RASA’s scientific team.

How long will it take to publish the paper?

The time required for publication depends upon the journal. So on an average it may take from one month to ten months after submission of the manuscript.(Note: Manuscript preparation will begin only after project completion)

Can I be a part of more than one paper/ manuscript?

Yes, We allow our Trainees and interns to be a part of more than one manuscript. It depends upon the trainee and the trainee.

What is a cost of the manuscript publication in Journal ?

Cost depends upon journal you select for publication. Some journal are free.

Who will bear the publication cost for the manuscript ?

The student will be responsible for bearing the cost of publication

How is the journal Selection for paper publication?

Usually, we will give student a list of few good journals where the manuscript can be published. These are peer reviewed journals. But we also welcome suggestions from our students.  The journal selection is mutually done by the student and the trainer.

Will I need to write the manuscript or RASA will do that for me?

Yes, students will have to write the review article and/or the research paper with the assistance of the trainer. It is expected that when the student is in the process of writing the paper, he is on the verge of completion or have completed the project successfully. We will assist them every step of the way in how to write and what is expected to be written. We will even help in editing and making correction to the manuscript before it is submitted for publishing. But NO, we will not write the paper for candidates, it is expected that students will write their own paper

What kind of papers can I publish by being associated with RASA?

For our long term research project students we can help with publishing a research based review and an experimental paper in good Impact Factor Journals.

Will I be assisted in publication for the research project in RASA?

Yes, You will be given all the needed assistance related to publication of your research project. Right from explaining you the publication process to guiding you in writing ,journal selection, submission of paper.

Where do you conduct Corporate Training/Skill Development?

We conduct Corporate Training/Skill Development either at Companies’ Premise or at RASA office whichever is convenient for the client.

Do you conduct Corporate Training/Skill Development Program In Colleges and Institutes?

Yes, we conduct Corporate Training/Skill Development Program in Colleges. We have conducted many Corporate Training/Skill Development session in different Colleges such as :
1) DY Patil, College of Pharmacy, Pune
2) Oxford College, Banglore
3) Walchand Centre of Buiotechnology, Solapur
4) Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune
5) Modern College of Pharm,acy, Pune
6) ISTRA, Pune

How does this Corporate Training/Skill Development Program help?

Corporate Training/Skill Development Program will not only help student but also professors to gain in depth knowledge and enhance technical skills .It also help institution for NAAC accreditation.

Do you conduct Corporate Training/Skill Development? If yes How?

Yes we conduct corporate Training. We have already conducted Corporate Training at many Eminent and Recognized Companies, like ChemInformatics Corporate Training to Wipro .

What is the duration of the course?

We have different courses of different duration according to different needs and requirement of students. We have different Training Module for 26, 9 and 12 months, each of which can be chosen according to the specific requirement of student.

What is a course Timing?

All the courses conducted at RASA are regular courses of 3 hours including training session and practice sessions.

Are weekend Batched available?

We have weekend batches for professionals and students who cannot come on weekdays. We also have Early Morning and late evening batches for convince

Can we resume our course in between?

It is advisable to complete the entire course in on go itself. However if you have any emergency or any other unavoidable situation you can resume your course by giving consent letter and other require documents(if any)and join next available batch.

Can we take up the courses Online?

Yes, you can join all the courses online, except molecular Biology (As it includes wet Lab work).

Can we take multiple courses at RASA?

Yes, you can take 2 or more courses simultaneously at RASA and depend on availability of batches.

Can I switch from one course to another?

You can anytime “upgrade” from one course two another of a longer duration but “downgrading” to a smaller duration course is not allowed. Kindly contact us to know more.

Can I change my batch Timings?

It is advisable to remain in same batch. But if you want to change batch you need to complete batch changing formality and pay batch changing fee. Kindly contact us to know more.

What is the time duration in which I can join training after registration?

After registration the joining period is valid only for two months. If you come after two months you will have to re-register for the course.

Can I resume my training that I discontinued earlier?

Resuming Training that you have discontinued earlier is subject to reason for discontinuity. And to resume a discontinued batch you will need to complete Resuming formalities and pay resuming fee.

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