rasalsi rasa life science informatics- lead bioinformatics course in-class preparing and teacher drove live web-based classes around the world, alongside corporate and ability improvement preparing worldwide.We give transient courses like workshops,industrial training,summer training,winter preparing of multi week to 2 months as well as longterm courses ,Internships of 6 to 12 months.

we offer Computational biology training as well as services

Photo gallery rasa LSI Here you will get to see photos related to life sciences and bioinformatics

We at Rasa LSI focus on a wide range of educational programs including impromptu workshops, industrial training as well as summer and winter sessions lasting a week to two months. Moreover, we provide long term courses aimed at providing deep knowledge and skill development, among them internships ranging from six to twelve months. The syllabus is meticulously designed to match up with industry needs so that our students get practical insights and hands-on experience in the ever-changing areas of life sciences and bioinformatics.

Check out our photo gallery that takes you through a visual journey into the colors of life sciences and bioinformatics. Get to see the essence of our educational drives, practical applications and multifaceted aspects of scientific inquiry through captivating photographs.

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