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” Proteo-Molecular Investigation of Cultivated Rice, Wild Rice, and Barley Provides Clues of Defense Responses against Rhizoctonia solani Infection “


Author : Md. Shamim, Divakar Sharma, Deepa Bisht, Rashmi Maurya, Mayank Kaashyap, Deepti Srivastava, Anurag Mishra, Deepak Kumar, Mahesh Kumar, Vijaya Naresh Juturu, N. A. Khan, Sameer Chaudhary, Raja Hussain , K. N. Singh

 Chapter 5 . Title- Computational Deciphering of Blast Resistance Genes Rice”


 Author : Sameer Akhtar Chaudhary, Malik M. Ahmad, Sapana Chaudhary, Sakshi Rawat, and Jayashri Prasanan

“Galectins—Potential Therapeutic Targets for Neurodegenerative Disorders “

 International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Author : Sapana Chaudhary, Sameer Chaudhary, Sakshi Rawat, Archana Kulkarni, Anwar L. Bilgrami, Asma Perveen, Badrah S.Alghamdi, Torki Al Zughaibi, Ghulam Md Ashraf, Mohammad Zubair Alam, Tabish Hussain

“Next generation sequencing: A promising tool to explore the personalized medicine in understanding the neurodegenerative diseases”

 International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research

Author: Gayatri Gawade, Sameer A Chaudhary, Sapana Chaudhary, Sakshi Rawat, Anwar L Bilgrami, Meghana Padwal

“Mechanistic Understanding of PtyroneTM: A Plant based Natural Anti Diabetic Product”

Journal of King Saud University – Science

Author : Yogesh Arun Dound, Sameer Chaudhary , Sapana Sameer Chaudhary , Sakshi Rawat,Mohammed H Alqarni,Malik M Ahmad,Mohammed H. Geesi,Ravej Alam

“Molecular Mechanism and Role of Translational Values of Heat Shock Protein (HSP27) in Various Disease”

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International

Author : Sameer Chaudhary, Sapana Sameer Chaudhary, Sakshi Rawat , Savneet Kaur , Bogireddy Devi , Malik M Ahmad , Zia Arshad , M. Mustafa, Manie M. Al Jedaie , Parvej Alam

“Recent developments in the etiology, treatment, and potential therapeutic targets for Parkinson’s disease: a focus on biochemistry.”

Diagnosis and Management in Parkinson’s Disease

Author : Sapana Sameer Chaudhary, Sameer Chaudhary,  Sakshi Rawat, Saieswari Natesan , Tanvee Pardeshi , Athanasios Alexiou, Ghulam MdAshraf

“Preventive Strategies for Management of COVID-19 Using Natural Molecules”

Research Sqare

Author: Yogesh Arun Dound , Sameer Chaudhary ,Sapana Sameer Chaudhary, Malik M Ahmad , Mohammed H Geesi , Pravej Alam

“c-Met as a potential therapeutic target in triple negative cancer”

Cancer Leading Proteases

Author: Sapana Sameer Chaudhary , SameerChoudhary ,SakshiRawat , GouriAhir , Anwar L. Bilgrami , Ghulam Md Ashraf

“Sox2: A Regulatory Factor in Tumorigenesis and Metastasis”

 Current Protein and Peptide Science

Author: Sameer Chaudhary, Zeyaul Islam, Vijaya Mishra, Sakshi Rawat, Ghulam Md Ashraf, Prasanna R Kolatkar

“Exploring The Pre-erythrocytic Stage Of The Malaria Parasite For Possible Target Proteins To Develop An Effective Vaccine And Looking Into Available Preventive Measures Against Malaria: Can SPECT And SPECT2 Act As Potential Targets For An Effective Vaccine?”

 International Journal for Computational Biology

Author : Manas Joshi , Shama Mujawar

“Researching novel variants involved in Alzheimer’s disease via next generation sequencing variant analysis on RNA sequence data files”

 SciencesInternational Journal of Bioassays

Author : Bhagwat, B. Joshi, Sameer Chaudhary, T. Pardeshi, Shama Mujawar, S. Talware, S. Chakraborty, V. Kandale

“Terminalia arjuna: Alternative Treatment for Cardiovascular Diseases”

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

Author :Isha Zafar, R.K. Sharma, Shama Mujawar* , Sameer Choudhary Jyoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur and RASA Life Science Informatics, Pune.

“RT-PCR More Sensitive to Nested PCR for Fast Detection Tuberculosis Infection”

Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials

Author : Arwind Kumar Shukala , Hemant Patil , Amol Raut, Sameer Chaudhary

“In-silico study of small cell lung cancer based on protein structure and function: A new approach to mimic biological system.”

Author :Nidhi Sood1, Sameer Chaudhary1, Tanvee Pardeshi1, Shama Mujawar1, Krishna Balaji Deshmukh1, Saba Afrin Sheikh1, Preety Sharma1

“Identification of Novel Inhibitors for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by Targeting IFN-α and FCγR2A: A Structure Based pharmacophore Approach”

 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

Author : Shama Mujawar, Tanvee Pardeshi, Sameer Chaudhary , Menka Batra ,Krishna Balaji Deshmukh , Sameer Raje , Ib Thobias ,Swetha pavani Rao

“In-Silico Discovery of Novel Inhibitors Against PrP Protein (E196K, V203I and E211Q): Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease”

 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

Author : Swetha Pavani Rao*Shama Mujawar, Sameer Chaudhary, Inigo Benze Thobias, RASA Life Science Informatics

“Comparative Study of Homology Based Structure Prediction and Structure Validation Tools on Some Proteins from the bhlh family.y.”

 International Journal Of Computational Biology 

Author : Akhil Jobby,Sameer Choudhary,Tanvee Ajit Pardeshi

“A Novel, Selective Inhibitor of Hepatitis C Virus Targeted against the Viral RNA-Dependent RNA-Polymerase”

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

Author :Krishna Balaji Deshmukh , Shama Mujawar , Tanvee Ajit Pardeshi, Sameer Chaudhary , Preety Sharma, Ib Thobias, Saba Sheikh , Nidhi Sood

“Study of Interaction between Wild type and Mutant HIV-1 protease and Cyclic Urea Inhibitor Using In Silico Techniques”

International Journal of Computational Bioinformatics and In Silico Modeling

Saba Sheikh,Tanvee Ajit Pardeshi,Shama Mujawar,Krishna Deshmukh,Nidhi Sood,Preety Sharma,Sameer Chaudhary

“DSD: A Database Of SNP Associated Disease”

International Journal of Bioassays

Author :Tanvee Ajit Pardeshi, Akhil Jobby, Sameer Chaudhary, Sapana Mehendale , Shweta Metkar , Vaibhav Kandale , Shama Mujawar , Apurva Patange

“Insilico Identification Of Molecular Targets For Ajoene [Garlic Component] And Their Binding Mode Analysis”


Author :Dr Savita Deshmukh , Shivakumar B Madagi,Sameer Chaudhary

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To make you an expert in various aspects of life science informatics by teaching and enhancing your skills in Life Science Informatics area.

To make you earn more money by enabling you to work full time, part time or as freelancer in your area of interest with additional informatics skills this training will impart.

This skill development Life Science course covers 9 modules

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  • A chance to learn bioinformatics skills which may not be a part of university curriculum

Working Professionals

  • Upgrade the bioinformatics skill set based on the requirement of the job
  • This will aid in better growth in job and career
  • Keep updated with the current trends in the bioinformatics industry
  • Diversify the knowledge



  • Learn additional bioinformatics skills needed for the research work they are currently doing
  • Understand the current trends in the bioinformatics
  • Apply the bioinformatics skills gained in the research they will conduct
  • Improve their research skills
  • Understand the functioning of Life science industry
  • Develop a multidisciplinary approach to life science


Bioinformatics Market to Surge with an Impressive CAGR of 20.4% by 2020

Globally, rising R&D expenditures and rising number of research activities has increased the demand for bioinformatics in the market. As a result, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 20.4% from 2014 – 2020…. Read more

Global Bioinformatics Market Expected to Grow to $95.5B by 2025

The Global Bioinformatics market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 25.45% over the forecast period of 2016–2025, with market revenue expected to rise from $12.465 billion in 2016 to $95.365 billion by 2025, according to the research firm, ReportBuyer

The fact that bioinformatics has emerged as a key tool for drug discovery processes due to its high throughput screening, aided by recent advancements in proteomics and genomics, is largely responsible for driving the global market. In addition, the various initiatives undertaken by government coupled with developments in the IT sector are helping propel the market growthRead more

Bioinformatics to Help Understand Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of life and biological agents. They are drivers of growth and development and the spread of viruses and bacteria, and have key roles in disease pathways and virtually all cellular functions. As scientists gain knowledge about proteins, the mechanisms behind biological mysteries are revealed… Read more

An Explosion Of Bioinformatics Careers

Big data is everywhere, and its influence and practical omnipresence across multiple industries will just continue to grow. For life scientists with expertise and an interest in bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, and related skill sets, the job outlook couldn’t be rosier. Big pharma, biotech, and software companies are clamoring to hire professionals with experience in bioinformatics and the identification, compilation, analysis, and visualization of huge amounts of biological and health care information. With the rapid development of new tools to make sense of life science research and outcomes, spurred by innovative research in bioinformatics itself, scientists who are entranced by data can pursue more career options than ever before. By Alaina G. LevineRead more

To make you an expert in various aspects of life science informatics by teaching and enhancing your skills in Life Science Informatics area.

To make you earn more money by enabling you to work full time, part time or as freelancer in your area of interest with additional informatics skills this training will impart.

Objective of Training Program

Outcome Of Training Program

After successful completion of the training program, you not only become capable of independently handle complicated research questions by applying your life science informatics knowledge but you can plan, conceptualize and execute your own research ideas in or related to life science informatics

To state it simply, you will become expert in the life science informatics domain.


Learn from Experts

Learn from Experts

AT RASA we do not have trainers but industry leaders and experts who share their rich experience and knowledge with you.

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Training & Assignments

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RASA will issue an Industry recognized training certificate for the module you have undergone the training. This certificate will be your passport to newer and better opportunities in the life science informatics domain.

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In case if you miss one or more classes, you will be provided with backup classes.  You can take the backup classes without having to pay anything extra.

What is the fee for training program at RASA?

RASA offers different course modules with varying duration. The fees of the training depend upon the module selected and the duration of the training.

What kind of salary would I be offered in life science domain?

An average salary for a person working in life science and life science informatics starts from INR 2.8-3.5 lakhs per year

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