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Who We Are in Bioinformatics Training?

  RASALSI Private Ltd conducts comprehensive Life Science skill development courses for working   professionals, researchers, students   and job-seeker in Bioinformatics course or  Computational Biology course and cheminformatics course in Pune, India .

 The courses are crafted meticulously, covering different modules such as as Bioinformatics Course, Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Training course or drug design course , Cheminformatics Course or Computational Chemistry course, NGS data analysis Training course, Molecular Modelling Simulation Training Course, Molecular Biology training & Life science software development.

RASA Life Science Institution provides Computational Biology Course or Bioinformatics training which is useful in various fields of Life Sciences like Molecular biology,Genetics,Biochemistry,Pharma,Medicinal Chemistry etc. RASA Provide research training services and conduct workshops wherein students, researchers, investigators and professionals can explore the essentials of life sciences related technology to develop proficiency along with the actual exposure of industrial environment.

Workshops are conducted in regular intervals on Drug Designing course, Protein Modeling and Simulation, Chemoinformatics course, Bioinformatics course etc. The workshops are highly beneficial for working professionals, students, researcher for enhancements of the skills in short dur

RASA is also very active and proficient in providing life science related services for instance- Bioinformatics analysis service and consultancy,Next generation sequencing data analysis,Computational chemistry,Drug discovery & designing, docking services,MMD,Homology modeling,Pathaway analysis, protein modeling and simulation,analog designing,life science software development etc.

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What we do in Bioinformatics Course?

 RASA’s bioinformatics course brings together computational, physical, chemical, biological, statistical  and many other domains in a stimulating and nurturing environment for the development and training of 3rd generation scientist .In our Bioinformatics training you learn from industry leaders how to apply these skills in life science & have a command over software developing process  by using various methodologies like data curation, application development, docking studies, primer designing, QSAR, homology modeling,  protein simulation, NGS data analysis Cheminformatic ,drug designing & bioperl, biopython, biojava, CDK respectively.

We conduct bioinformatics course in-class training and instructor-led live online classes worldwide, along with corporate and skill development training worldwide.We provide short term courses like workshops,industrial training,summer training,winter training of  1 week to 2 months as well as longterm courses like research training,Internships of 6 to 12 months.At the end of long program you will get chance of research publication and job assistance depending upon your performance during raining

Computational Biology Training or Bioinformatics course includes comprehensive interactive lectures (Onsite as well as online) and sessions on various courses like CADD, MMD, Bioinformatics, Life Science Software Development, Molecular Biology, Chemoinformatics course ,Drug Design course; where individual attention is paid to each candidate. Also, students are provided with relevant notes.

In our NGS data Analysis training or bioinformatics course module, students will be given a chance to handle real time problems related to genomics, Similarly In our computer aided drug design training or cheminformatics course module, students will be given a chance to handle real time problems related to drug discovery. Sudent will understand  how insilico methods can be used to solve them.



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Learn from Experts

Learn from Experts

AT RASA we do not have trainers but industry leaders and experts who share their rich experience and knowledge with you.

Training & Assignments

Training & Assignments

Practical and hands-on training  delivery from advanced curriculum designed according to research industry need.Challenging Assignments to help learn better.


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Primer designing by Primer-Blast

Primer Designing By Primer Blast Primers serve a crucial function in identifying the target area of the complex genome [1]. Primers or oligonucleotides are short sequences of DNA or RNA that are complementary to a particular DNA sequence, allowing replication to occur during a PCR cycle. Primers may also be used in various techniques, including […]

Posted in: Computer Aided Drug Discovery,
CRISPR Web-based editing tool

CRISPR-Cas (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats and CRISPR associated), an immune system in bacteria and archaea that targets the nucleic acids of viruses and plasmids, is currently frequently employed as a genome editing tool due to its ease of use and effectiveness [1–5]. Using its single-guide RNA (sgRNA), the most common endonuclease, type II […]

Posted in: Next Generation Sequencing,
Next generation sequencing quality control

High-throughput sequencing (HTS) is a powerful discovery to screen for non-specific germ line variants, somatic mutations and structural variants, profile copy number variations in cancers [1], assemble genomes of microbial organisms [2][3], quantify gene expression [4], identify cell populations from single-cell transcriptomes in a variety of tissues [5], and track epigenetic changes in developing organisms […]

Posted in: Next Generation Sequencing,

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Top Queries About Bioinformatics Course

Will I be receiving a certificate/diploma after completion of the training?

RASA will issue an Industry recognized training certificate for the module you have undergone the training. This certificate will be your passport to newer and better opportunities in the life science informatics domain.

What if I happen to miss one or more classes?

In case if you miss one or more classes, you will be provided with backup classes.  You can take the backup classes without having to pay anything extra.

What is the fee for training program at RASA?

RASA offers different course modules with varying duration. The fees of the training depend upon the module selected and the duration of the training.

What kind of salary would I be offered in life science domain?

An average salary for a person working in life science and life science informatics starts from INR 2.8-3.5 lakhs per year.

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