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Bioinformatics demo session – Rasa life science informatics or rasalsi provides training in areas of bioinformatics, chemoinformatics,computer-aided drug discovery or computer-aided drug designing, molecular modeling, and dynamics, chemoinformatics, python-biopython . We have different courses according to students need . we have 1 month industrial training ,2 months industrial training, 6 months research training, 9 months research internship or PhD assistance program, 1 year industrial internship program. enqurire todody

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Demo session at rasa  -Rasalsi invites you for a life science and bioinformatics students to attend a free demonstration lecture. Students who attend these Demo sessions will be in the same class as other enrolled pupils, enabling them to have a rare opportunity to participate in the ongoing live sessions session and get an understanding for the teaching style and classroom environment.

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