Our Team

Get proficient training and dependable conference from our group of Bioinformatics Trainers, educators, teachers, researchers, and area specialists. RASALSI Offers training and services.

Shruti Deshmukh

Application Scientist

I am a person who believes in presenting the facts before stating any opinion. 2+ years experience in life sciences, leading various (in silicon) research projects and giving training in biotechnology, bioinformatics, molecular modeling, simulations, chemoinformatics, and drug designing. Also, active and leading company services.

Sapana Mehandale


Over 16 years of experience as a software developer, Chemoinformatics domain expert, and business owner. Expertise in areas ranging from business administration to marketing, product development and services to chemoinformatics, and training students and professional.

Sameer Choudhary


Over 17 years of experience in bioinformatics and chemoinformatics. Represented Systems Biology (Insilico Division) India at the International Pharma Convention held at Oxford, UK, and delivered presentations to the top brass of leading players in the global Pharma and Biotech sector and generated business leads through above-par presentation skills.

Sakshi Rawat

Application Scientist

Believes in the power of possibilities in science. With 7+ years of experience in life sciences, successfully completed various research projects with 6 latest publications, 2 manuscripts accepted, and 8+publications under submission along with leading various research projects and company services. As a trained professional, I have conducted more than 25 national/international level workshops along with training more than 750+ trainees on various life science-related subjects. My area of expertise includes bioinformatics, molecular modeling, simulations, chemoinformatics, drug designing.

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