Sapana Mehandale

Postal Address:

Rasa Life Science Informatics
4th floor.46/10 shakuntal,
Law college Road,Erandwane,Pune.




About Sapana Mehandale

Education: Msc Bioinformatics
Experience: 10 years
Expertise: She has Over 9 years of experience as software developer and Bioinformatics domain expert and business owner. Expertise in areas ranges from business administration to marketing, product development and services , training students and professionals.

Key accomplishments:

Entrepreneur who grew business from start up to a million in annual through effective business planning, creative sales techniques and innovative marketing. Expert knowledge in all facets of software development life cycle, technical support, training to new recruits, Bio-informatics & Chemo-informatics tools and databases Recognized by clients and colleague as consummate professional with high degree of personal integrity. She knew for contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions and capacity for motivational leadership. Possess outstanding communication and presentation abilities. Effectively market the tangible / intangible products and services; skilled in persuasive presentation and profitable negotiation. Offer excellent customer relation skills.

Co-authored in 20 publications in peer reviewed high impact factor journals (4 book chapter (submitted), 9 research papers(submitted), 7 review papers (submitted, final stage) and 4 review papers ( final editing)

Technical Skills & knowledge:

Software Development :  Efficient in understanding and execution of  Client requirement. Expertise in Biojava, CDK, BIoPython, BIoPerl, R ,Databases.

Bioinformatics: Efficient in understanding bioinformatics tools, servers, softwares, databases for bigdata analysis, solving various proteomics and genomics cases.

Computer aided drug discovery: Chemoinformatics, drug discovery approaches- pharmacophorebased, docking studies for protein protein, protein-ligand interactions.

Molecular modelling and simulation studies: Proficient in Insilico protein modelling with varioustechniques, dynamics studies of protein and protein ligand complexes using softwares

Professional Experience

  • Over 7 years of experience as Bio-IT software developer.
  • Chemoinformatics domain expert and Chemo-IT tool development.
  • Experties in areas ranges from business administration to marketing,product development and excellent customer  skills.
  • Strategic planner,Advisor for marketing planning.


  1. Application development:JAVA,BIOJAVA,CDK,SERVLET
  2. Database: Mysql server 5.5.
  3. GUI Development:HTML,CSS,Jquery,Javascript
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